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Targeted Assassination

June 13, 2013

Barack Obama has been a profound disappointment to progressives, from the Wall Street insiders advising him, to his groveling before the GOP minority and Democrats-in-name-only during the last Congress.  Probably the worst of Obama’s misdeeds is the assassination of alleged terrorists.  As a constitutional lawyer, Obama has read the 5th Amendment which states that “no person…shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”  The method by which persons are marked for assassination can hardly be deemed “due process,” since it is secret.  While I am not an attorney, it is difficult to imagine a constitutional justification for intentional killing, apart from combat in a theater of war, of an individual not convicted of a crime.  I’ll vote for Ron Paul in the Michigan GOP primary because despite his naive economics, he seems serious about civil liberties.  I will probably vote for Obama in November as the best of a really bad lot of candidates, but I’ll not only hold my nose but wear a gas mask.

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